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cTrader and TradingView Partnership Brings New Opportunities for Brokers and Traders

Spotware cTrader partners with TradingView, integrating its charting and analysis tools into cTrader’s platform. This collaboration enhances broker offerings and provides traders with state-of-the-art trading tools. The partnership aligns with cTrader’s “Traders First™” mission, promising high-end trading solutions and expanded broker relationships, benefiting over 50 million TradingView users worldwide.

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DOM (Depth of Market)

Explore how cTrader ID revolutionizes account management, offering a seamless login ecosystem across multiple brokers. This guide walks you through creating and utilizing your ctID, linking it to all your trading accounts for efficient oversight. cTrader ID is indispensable for traders aiming for streamlined account access, facilitating effective management and operational convenience.

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ctrader automate

cTrader Automate

Explore cTrader Automate, your key to unlocking the full potential of algorithmic trading. This session introduces you to its features, providing a guide and tips for effectively using this powerful tool. Learn how to develop, test, and optimize automated trading robots and indicators, streamlining your trading strategy for maximum efficiency and profitability with cTrader Automate.

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cTrader backtesting

cTrader Backtesting

Discover the power of cTrader backtesting to refine your trading strategies. Our session guides you through the methodologies and offers essential tips for leveraging cTrader’s backtesting capabilities. Learn how to simulate trades, analyze performance, and enhance your strategy with confidence. Perfect for traders seeking to improve their approach with historical data insights on the cTrader platform.

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