Understanding cTrader Copy

The one and only true copy trading solution

cTrader Copy on cTrader is a standout feature. It lets you mimic expert traders’ moves right on the platform. It’s ideal for beginners eager to learn or busy traders. cCopy simplifies following winning strategies to match your risk level and goals. It leverages community knowledge for smarter trades and portfolio growth. So, start copying or share your strategies to boost others’ success!

cTrader Copy allows users to ‘copy’ chosen investors’ trades, linking their capital to these experts’ moves. It’s perfect for newbies to learn or active traders to stay in the market with less oversight. This feature eases the trading process and offers access to varied strategies and risk profiles, suiting different investment goals and risk tolerance.

Explore cTrader Copy and tap into community-driven trading strategies. Here, the expertise of top traders lights the way for your trading journey. Whether looking to expand your portfolio by following seasoned insights or sharing your successful strategies, cCopy provides a vibrant, interactive platform to improve your trading game.


What you can do with cTrader Copy?

cTrader Copy sets the standard as the only true cross-broker social trading platform. Spotware’s unique system enables cross-broker fee settlements. Money managers can thus share their trading signals with the wide cTrader community. They set their own terms and fees, like trading commissions, management fees, and profit sharing. Spotware handles nightly fee settlements across brokers, ensuring smooth financial transactions.

For investors, cTrader Copy unlocks a treasure trove of trading signals. They have full control over their investments, choosing signals and setting limits, such as maximum drawdown. Investors can also disconnect from a money manager anytime, offering unmatched flexibility and security in investment choices. This mix of access, control, and cross-broker capability marks cTrader Copy as a top pick for social trading in the forex world.

ctrader copy explained

cTrader cCopy for Investors

find strategy

cTrader Copy simplifies the process for investors with its intuitive interface. Making it easy to discover and follow trading strategies without any hassle.

Step 1: Discover Strategies

Utilize custom filters to narrow down your ideal strategy. Sorting options include signal provider fees, performance metrics, the number of current investors, and the amount of funds copied, among others.

fliter strategy

Step 2: Select the right Strategies and Click Start Copying

Step 3: Allocate Funds and Begin Copying

Decide on the amount you’d like to invest and initiate the copying process with ease.

allocate fund and Start copying

Step 4: Post-Copy Management

Investors maintain complete control over their investments, with the ability to stop copying, set equity stop losses, and adjust other settings as needed.

after copying

cTrader Copy for Money Manager

cTrader Copy for money managers is thoughtfully crafted to balance privacy, promotional capabilities, and versatility in fee structures.

Step 1: Becoming a Strategy Provider

To become a strategy provider, simply choose the trading account you wish to provide the strategy, and click “Become a Strategy Provider”

Step 2: Configuring your strategy

Inside the Become a Strategy Provider page, you are required to name your strategy, and describe its approach. You’ll also outline the commerical terms for investors. Finalize by adjusting privacy settings, such as making the strategy invitation-only or public.

becoming strategy provider

Promoting Your Strategy

In addition to being discoverable through cTrader Copy’s search, you can create a read-only investor access link to share your strategy’s performance with prospective investors. You can also feature your strategy on your cTrader profile to draw more attention.

Investor Access link

Setting Up a Private Managed Account

Like a MAM (Multi-Account Manager), you can make your strategy private, accessible only through a specific link. This offers a similar functionality to MAMs on other platforms but with greater flexibility for both the strategy provider and investors.

Private link

cTrader Copy settlement methodlogy and principal

The fee calculation in cTrader Copy operates with clear guidelines to ensure transparency and fairness for both money managers and investors:

  • Fee Calculation Cut-off Time: Fees are calculated either on the 1st of every month or at the moment when copying is disconnected, allowing for regular and event-based assessments.

  • Base Point for Fee Calculation: The platform employs the Highest Water Mark model, which ensures fees are calculated based on the net profit performance, protecting investors from paying fees on previously incurred losses. More details can be found here.

  • Settlement Frequency: Fees are settled daily, providing a consistent and predictable schedule for financial transactions between investors and money managers.

  • Settlement Method: Fees are directly deposited or deducted from the trading account, streamlining the settlement process without the need for external transactions.

This structured approach to fee calculation and settlement in cTrader Copy fosters a trustworthy environment for social trading, aligning the interests of investors and money managers. For full information, please visit official site manual.