What is cTrader ID

To assist traders in comprehending the cTrader ID concept, it’s useful to draw a parallel with an Apple ID. Essentially, it serves as a unique identifier. Consequently, using cTrader ID login allows access to all accounts and assets, seamlessly connecting various cTrader broker accounts and modules.

What is cTrader ID (cTID)

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The cTrader ID (cTID) is a unique identifier that links a trader’s multiple cTrader trading accounts across different brokers. To create a cTID, visit the official cTrader ID site and sign up using an email, Google account, or Facebook account.

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How to Link Your cTrader Trading Account with ctID

By default, trading accounts are linked to the cTID based on the email registered with the broker. If no email is found, your broker will create a cTID account for you. You simply need to change the password during your first login. For traders with multiple cTrader accounts looking to consolidate, broker support can manually link accounts at the backend upon request.

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cTrader ID Login and cTrader Account

The Seamless Integration of cTrader Accounts

Once logged in with your cTID, you see a unified view of all your trading accounts. This includes accounts across different brokers supporting cTrader. This aggregated view helps you make informed decisions. You gain a comprehensive understanding of your overall trading activity. Whether diversifying your portfolio or using different accounts, the cTID makes it easy. Your entire trading world is just a few clicks away.

The Role of cTrader ID in Account Management

The cTID is not just a login credential; it’s a central hub for account management. It offers a straightforward way to link new trading accounts or even consolidate existing ones. Should you decide to expand your trading activities to include new brokers or wish to streamline your accounts under a single broker, the cTID system facilitates these changes efficiently. Additionally, the cTrader ecosystem supports secure and easy account modification requests through direct communication with broker support teams, who can assist in manually linking or moving accounts as per your specifications.

The Importance of cTrader ID for Affiliates

cTrader ID offers valuable tools for money managers to promote their strategies and trading ideas. Specifically, as a money manager, by logging into your cTrader ID homepage, you can write an introduction, share your contact details, and create a personalized cTrader landing page. Furthermore, this landing page showcases your strategies and historical activities, thus providing a comprehensive view of your trading approach. Ultimately, these tools help you connect with potential clients and demonstrate your expertise in the trading world.

*For additional details on cTrader ID, please visit the official site, where comprehensive support and guidance are available.