Comprehensive review on cTrader iOS

Spotware has significantly enhanced the cTrader iOS app, achieving a mobile trading experience that rivals its desktop version. The cTrader iOS app grants users the ability to tap into an array of features from their Apple devices, including advanced indicators, tick charts, copy trading functions, and insights from Trading Central. This session will focus on the key functionalities of cTrader iOS, offering a detailed overview of how traders can utilize these features for portfolio management, trade execution, and market analysis on the go. We will also highlight the importance of downloading the cTrader app from the App Store in this article. Whether you’re new to trading and eager to learn the fundamentals or a seasoned trader looking to enhance your strategy with mobile tools, this exploration of cTrader iOS will provide you with the insights needed to fully leverage your trading experience on the platform.

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cTrader iOS explained


Two Methods to Access Your cTrader Account on Apple Device

Via native cTrader iOS APP

Traders have the flexibility to manage all their cTrader accounts across various brokers directly through the native cTrader iOS application. This can downloaded via Apple App Store: Simply visit the App Store and search for “cTrader” to find and install the application. Apple App Store — cTrader

This option ensures traders can easily access all their trading accounts on their iOS devices, keeping the trading world at their fingertips wherever they go.

Via branded cTrader iOS APP

Logging into your cTrader account through a broker-branded app allows traders to benefit from unique customizations made by the broker. The cTrader APP can be obtained via  the Apple App Store: Simply head to the App sotre and search for “broker name” + cTrader to find and download the app directly.

It’s important to note that when using a broker-branded application, traders will only be able to access and manage their account with that specific broker, offering a tailored experience aligned with the broker’s unique offerings and services.

Core Powerful Functions on cTrader iOS

The cTrader mobile app is a reflection of Spotware’s dedication to delivering a seamless and user-friendly trading experience, closely emulating the functionality found on its desktop counterpart. Highlighted below are key features accessible on both mobile and desktop platforms, designed to elevate the trading experience:

  • Advanced Charting: njoy access to comprehensive charts, analytical tools, and tailor-made indicators on your mobile, facilitating smart decision-making wherever you are.
  • One-Click Trading: Quickly execute trades with a single tap, essential for day traders and those employing scalping techniques.
  • Risk Management: Set stop-loss and take-profit orders effortlessly on your device, enabling precise control over your trading risks.
  • Real-Time Quotes: Keep up with live quotes for forex, commodities, indices, and stocks, making sure you’re always in sync with market movements.
  • Account Management: Monitor your balance, equity, margin levels, and more, ensuring full command over your trading account at all times.

Desktop exclusive Functions

While the cTrader iOS app replicates over 90% of the desktop version’s features, some advanced functions still necessitate using cTrader Desktop or cTrader Web:

  • Broadcasting Signals on cTrader Copy: This includes becoming a signal provider and sharing your trading strategies.
  • cAlgo: Engage in the development and testing of automated trading bots and custom indicators.
  • FIX API Credentials: Essential for traders seeking direct market access and the ability to engage in high-frequency trading.

Key Difference bewteen cTrader iOS and Android

The functional experience between cTrader’s iOS and Android applications is generally the same from a user’s perspective. However, the divergence comes from the app store policies of Google and Apple. Apple implements stricter regulations on the content in its iOS store than Google does with the Play Store. Consequently, the broader availability of cTrader Android APKs for users facing download issues does not extend to iOS.

Additionally, Apple enforces rigorous policies on financial applications in its App Store, presenting challenges for brokers wishing to feature their branded iOS apps. To be listed, brokers must align with Apple’s demanding legal and licensing criteria, a requirement less pronounced in the Google Play Store. This distinction underscores the operational nuances between deploying financial applications on iOS versus Android platforms.