The power of cTrader Web

ctrader web

cTrader Web mirrors the functionality of the cTrader Desktop application, encompassing all the features available on the desktop version. This ensures a consistent trading experience across platforms, with the cTrader Web login process being identical to that of the Desktop version. In addition to the core functionalities, cTrader Web introduces an exclusive feature: the cTrader widget. This tool is primarily utilized by affiliates and introducing brokers to effectively promote cTrader. The cTrader online widget allows for easy integration into websites and platforms, enhancing the visibility and accessibility of cTrader for potential new traders.

Spotware cTrader Web

No download is necessary for Spotware cTrader Web, which operates identically to the cTrader Desktop application. It boasts all the same features, ensuring a seamless and comprehensive trading experience directly from your web browser. Consequently, traders gain access to the full suite of cTrader’s capabilities, including advanced charting, order management, and analytics, all without the need to install any software. This setup provides the flexibility and convenience essential for trading on the go. To access Spotware cTrader Web, simply visit the official site for the cTrader web login.

ctrader web top screen

Branded cTrader online

Branded cTrader Web versions create a tailored trading platform experience. They are customized to showcase each broker’s unique brand, including logos and color schemes, and possibly exclusive features. Moreover, these personalized platforms retain the full functionality of standard cTrader Web. This means advanced charting, detailed order management, and analytical tools are available without any downloads. Thus, they offer a seamless and intuitive experience through a web browser, designed to boost client engagement with the broker’s services.

To access a specific broker’s cTrader Web platform, consulting the broker’s client portal for the current URL is crucial. This URL often includes the broker’s domain. For example, IC Markets provides access through, showing how brokers incorporate the cTrader platform into their digital ecosystem.

ctrader online

cTrader Widget

Widgets icon

The cTrader widget is a distinctive feature exclusive to cTrader Web, enabling the embedding of the cTrader platform or specific components thereof onto external websites. This functionality allows for the seamless integration of cTrader’s trading capabilities with other online resources, enhancing visibility and user engagement. Utilizing widgets is straightforward, akin to embedding other web elements: users are provided with a unique code, which they can then copy and paste into any appropriate section of a different website. Management and customization of these widgets are facilitated through the ‘Widgets’ app within cTrader Web, making it a versatile tool for affiliates, brokers, and financial websites seeking to offer direct access to trading services or market data.

cTrader web use case for money manager

The cTrader widget is a powerful online tool for money managers. It showcases their expertise and draws in investment. The ‘Your Strategies’ widget specifically displays all the Copy strategies a money manager offers. Through this widget, potential investors can quickly choose to invest or review performance statistics. This feature makes the ‘Your Strategies’ widget a key resource for engaging leads. These leads may not want to trade themselves but are eager to invest with experienced traders. By offering a direct, efficient way to explore and commit to investment opportunities, the widget boosts money managers’ strategy visibility and accessibility. It builds a bridge between skilled traders and potential investors.

ctrader widget