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The Forex market has long favored MetaTrader 4 (MT4) and MetaTrader 5 (MT5). These platforms offer numerous indicators and Expert Advisors (EAs), winning traders’ loyalty. Yet, many recognize cTrader’s advanced capabilities. At cTrader Academy, we aim to be the ultimate cTrader Wiki, easing the shift to cTrader.

We strive to make this transition smooth. Engaging with traders has shown us their challenges and desires. With this insight, we’re dedicated to gathering top resources and offering cTrader-focused services. Our goal? To help traders adopt cTrader easily, maximizing its benefits for their trading.

Algo Conversion Services (Coming Soon)

At cTraderAcademy, we convert MQL4/5 codes to cAlgo seamlessly. Our team excels in cAlgo development, customizing solutions to adapt your MQL indicators and EAs to cAlgo’s cBots and indicators in C#. Our process includes documentation, detailed quotes, and thorough backtesting, promising an easy move to cTrader’s algo-trading. The cTrader service suits traders eager to use cTrader without learning a new code. Let cTraderAcademy’s expertise simplify your transition to cTrader’s innovative trading.

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cBot marketplace (Coming Soon)

Our cBot Marketplace offers key indicators and profitable robots, aiming to boost your forex trading success. It features a carefully selected collection of cBots, each incorporating popular indicators and designed for profit.

This marketplace connects your trading goals with technical solutions, supporting strategies from simple to complex. We prioritize precision and reliability, testing each cBot for effectiveness.

Our platform encourages growth and success by linking innovative cBots with the trading community. It’s more than a tool collection; it’s your gateway to efficient, profitable trading. Explore our cBots and enhance your trading strategy today.


The marketplace is a future product and would be coming to market soon. We wish it will become the ctrader wiki marketplace in the forex industry.

Our Goal: Establishing a Comprehensive cTrader Wiki for Traders